Yoga Vibrations !

a podcast dedicated to relaxation

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Reach out and let yourself go to a deep letting go in Savasana!

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Savasana #6 | Voyage immobile
Pour ce nouvel épisode, du podcast Yoga Vibrations, je vous propose de vous installer en Savasana afin de partir vers +
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Savasana #5 | Good Mood
For this new episode of the Yoga Vibrations podcast, I suggest you settle into Savasana and let it come +
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Savasana #4 | Abdominal Breathing
For this new episode, I suggest you get into Savasana to practice abdominal breathing. Certainly the most
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Savasana #3 | Cultivating Gratitude
What if right now, right now, we took the time to think about what we are thankful for?
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Savasana #2 | Self-confidence
In Savasana posture, I invite you in this episode to a guided relaxation dedicated to self confidence +
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Savasana #1 | Calming the mind
Let yourself go with the natural rhythm of your breathing to release tension and relax the body a little more +

The Savasana posture is originally practiced in silence and usually at the end of a yoga session. It is a prerequisite to meditation. But it is not easy to lie down without movement and to abandon oneself totally. Whether one is used to relaxation or not, there can be days with and days without. Letting yourself be guided is then the solution to slow down the flow of thoughts, to bring the body to relaxation, to recharge the batteries, to enjoy a time of pause in full presence. 

Nombreux sont les cours de yoga en ligne où on vous propose de « rester en savasana » après la vidéo. Et là, c’est le vide ! Aussi, vous trouverez ici un compagnon idéal pour ne plus être seul.e dans cette pratique. Notez, par ailleurs, que Savasana peut être votre seule posture de la journée 😉

Each Savasana will be approached through a theme that can be the continuity of your yoga session or simply in the mood of the moment. 

Get comfortable on your yoga mat or even on a bed and anchor yourself in the moment!

So this is not a podcast to listen to in the car, as you will understand.

The relaxations proposed through this podcast are not a medical device. Do not hesitate to consult health professionals for an adapted management of your situation. 

Nice listening