To each his own

Yoga class

Private yoga lessons

 To be enjoyed alone or with up to 4 yogis!

Whether it is at your home* or at the loftbenefit from yoga sessions tailored to your needs.
The common core of each session is pranayamas (breathing exercises), a sequence of asanas (postures) and finally a deep relaxation.

According to your desires and your form of the dayI will offer you a dynamic yoga (Hatha flow) or a more gentle yoga (traditional Hatha, Yin Yoga).

From 1 to 4 persons60 minute session

Price per session : 70€*
Package of 5 sessions : 325€*
Package of 10 sessions : 590€*

Group Yoga Classes

Small group - 6 students maximum.

At the loftI offer you sessions of Hatha Flow on Monday 7:00 pm and Gentle Hatha Yoga on Wednesdays 7:00 pm.
At the meeting of traditional Hatha Yoga and dynamic Vinyasa, Hatha flow develops strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.

All in relaxationGentle Hatha yoga allows you to take the time to settle into each posture. Ideal to find a calmed mind while uniting the movement of the body, breathing and attention.

6 people max60 minute session

Price per session : 16€.
Package of 5 sessions: 75€.
Package of 10 sessions: 135€.

Yoga classes in companies

The time for a yoga break at your workplace.

According to the teams' wishes, I will propose a session of Traditional Hatha Yoga where the postures are held over several breaths with a particular care on the alignments. If the time has come to synchronize movement and breathing we will start on a Hatha flow, more dynamic. In both cases, the practice is complete and accessible to all.

As needed,  equipment at disposal
(mats, yoga blocks, straps)

Price on request
Adapted to the number of participants and the location*.

Yoga for children

Fun and wellness birthday party!

In search of a activity mixing fun and well-being for your child's birthday?
I propose a workshop of 75 minutes which includes a playful activity in motionlearning yoga postures in a fun way through a card game then a return to calm with meditation rhyme and breathing awareness.

I am at your disposal for a first meeting in person or by video.

Children from 6 to 11 years old

Price on request
Adapted to the number of children and your location*.

* Cities covered : Neuville en Ferrain, Halluin, Tourcoing, Mouvaux, Roncq, Bondues, Linselles, Wervicq, Bousbecque, Comines, Marcq-en-Baroeul. For private lessons at home in another city of the Lille metropolis, contact me for a complete estimate of travel costs.

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