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The User is presumed to be aware of and to accept, without reservation, all the GCU by the mere fact of connecting to the site, whatever the digital reception terminals used. The GCU apply concomitantly with the Special Terms and Conditions, the Personal Data and Cookies Charter and any variation or extension of the site on existing or future social and/or community networks. The User is invited not to connect to the site and applications, nor to use the services if he does not accept all or part of the documents mentioned above. The publisher may modify the terms of the GCU at any time. The User is expressly informed that the version in force is that which is online at the date of access, which the User acknowledges and accepts without restriction, and undertakes to refer to it systematically each time he/she connects.

The publisher provides users with various services that can be accessed by creating an account. The user is informed that the publisher reserves the right to modify or delete, at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion, all or part of the services. The publisher reserves the right to suspend access to the services in the event of loss, theft and/or use of the user's identification data, of which the user has informed the publisher, or in the event of use that does not comply with the provisions herein. The publisher may not be held liable for such interruptions or for any consequences arising therefrom for the user.

2.1 Characteristics of the goods and services offered
The services offered are those listed on the website. These are yoga, relaxation and sound bath courses and workshops, available by reservation.

2.2 Price list
The status of auto-entrepreneur directly entails VAT exemption: "TVA non applicable, art. 293 B du CGI". There is therefore no VAT collected and no VAT deductible. Aude Cappoen reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, it being understood however that the price appearing on the site on the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.

2.3 How to register for services
To create an account, the User must complete a registration form, providing personal information such as surname, first name, e-mail address, password and telephone number, which will be used to identify the User and facilitate access to the services. Minors are allowed to register on the express condition that they have previously obtained authorization from their parent (or the person exercising parental authority) to use the service(s). The publisher reserves the right to request written proof of this at any time and to carry out any checks, as well as to cancel the registration of any minor who does not immediately provide such proof. Parents (or legal guardians) therefore agree to be responsible for ensuring compliance with all the provisions of these GCU and, where applicable, the Special Conditions of Use for certain services. They acknowledge that it is their responsibility to monitor the use made by minors of the services offered on

2.4 Identifier management
The email address and password (hereinafter referred to as the "Identifiers") enable each user to identify him/herself and connect to the services. They are personal and confidential and may only be changed at the request of the holder or at the initiative of the publisher. Each User is entirely responsible for the use of his/her Identifiers, which he/she undertakes to keep secret and not to divulge in any form whatsoever to third parties. In the event of loss, theft or any fraudulent use of his Identifiers, the User must immediately inform the Publisher. The User may then: (i) either request the replacement of his/her Identifiers where there is a risk that they may be used by a third party; (i) or request the secure return of his/her Identifiers. Each User is consequently solely responsible for the use of the service(s) made under his/her identification. Any connection or data transmission made using the Identifiers will be deemed to have been made by the User and under his/her exclusive responsibility. Consequently, the publisher cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use of the User's Identifiers by a third party.


3.1 Site and application availability
The publisher undertakes to use its best efforts to ensure that access to and operation of the Site and the Applications are guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption. However, the publisher cannot be held liable in the event of temporary unavailability of the Site, Applications and Services (i) in the event of maintenance of the Site, Applications or servers on which they are hosted, (ii) in the event of events beyond its control and (iii) due to force majeure. The publisher will inform the User in advance of any unavailability if the event causing the unavailability is foreseeable.

3.2 Suspension of access
The Lʼéditeur reserves the right to suspend access to the Services (i) in the event of loss, theft and/or use of the User's identification data of which the User has informed the Lʼéditeur, (ii) in the event of use that does not comply with the provisions hereof, (iii) in the event of maintenance operations. The publisher may not be held liable for any such interruptions or the consequences thereof for the User.


The User is informed that all laws and regulations in force are applicable on the Internet.
General user behavior
At the time of registration and at the time of any use of the various services to which the account gives access, every User undertakes both towards the publisher and towards other registered Users and in general towards any third party, to:
- Provide accurate, up-to-date, true and complete data;
- Do not provide incorrect or obsolete data;
- Not to usurp, in whole or in part, a third partyʼs identity, title or quality;
- Respect access management and, in particular, do not mask your true identity by logging in under another user's personal settings;
- Keep Identifiers confidential and not disclose them to third parties;
- Notify the publisher of any technical malfunctions or anomalies it may discover, such as unauthorized access to its account. In the event of non-compliance with the above principles, the publisher reserves the right to suspend or refuse access, without notice or compensation, temporarily or permanently, to all or part of the services.


5.1 Personal data
Data is used for purposes of identification, administration and technical management of services, as well as for statistical purposes and commercial prospecting, in accordance with the applicable legal framework. The user data collected and stored by Aude Cappoen is therefore mainly used solely for the purposes of managing and providing the service to the user and may also be used to inform the user of new services. The personal data collected by the lʼéditeur within the framework of the present are lʼobjet dʼun traitement au sens de la loi du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée par la loi du 6 août 2004 aux fins dʼexécution du Contrat liant lʼéditeur à lʼUtilisateur. Pursuant to the provisions of the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, as amended, all individuals have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them. They also have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning them, provided they can prove a legitimate reason, except in the case of processing for commercial prospecting purposes, to which they may object in any case. You may exercise your rights by sending a registered letter to the following address: Aude Cappoen, 40 rue du Maréchal Leclerc, 59960, Neuville en ferrain.

5.2 Cookies
The user is informed that, when connecting to and using the services, cookies are installed on his/her receiving terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) for the proper functioning of the services, or on his/her browser subject to the choice expressed by the user concerning cookies; this choice may be modified at any time. More specifically, these browsing cookies make it possible, in particular: - To memorize information relating to the form that the user has filled in on the site or to information that the user has chosen on the site; - To offer the user access to his account or any other reserved area thanks to his identifiers; - To implement security measures, for example when the user is asked to connect again to a content or service after a certain time has elapsed.

Aude Cappoen is the owner of the domain name: The site and its components are the exclusive property of Aude Cappoen and their respective owners, who alone are entitled to use the intellectual property rights and related personality rights, in particular trademarks, models, copyrights and image rights, on an original basis or by virtue of a license or express authorization. All elements of the site published by Aude Cappoen (in particular the structure, all texts, photos, videos, data, posters, logos, trademarks and other elements reproduced) are reserved and protected by intellectual property law, in particular copyright, neighboring rights and trademark rights. The content of the site and the use of the services, protected by law and in particular the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, are exclusively intended for the information and personal use of the user, who benefits from a private, non-collective and non-exclusive right of use. The use of all or part of the site, in particular by downloading, reproduction, transmission, representation or distribution for purposes other than for personal and private use is strictly prohibited. Violation of these provisions shall render the perpetrator liable to the penalties provided for, in particular with regard to copyright and trademark infringement. Unless expressly authorized in advance by the publisher, all reproduction, representation and use other than that specified above, and in particular: any adaptation, making available to the public at its request or not, distribution, rebroadcasting in any form whatsoever, networking, public communication of all or part of the works, services, trademarks and all elements protected or likely to be protected by intellectual property law reproduced on the site; any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of a substantial part of the content of the databases constituted by the site; (any repeated and systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even a non-substantial part of the content of the databases constituted by the site; any link, access, modification, addition or deletion that affects the online publisherʼs automated processing system and modifies the conditions of publication or editorial policy.

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