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More than a fashion phenomenon,

yoga is a complete practice which acts on the body and on the mind. 

Each yoga session brings an alignment that makes us a stronger, more grounded, lighter person, more able to face each day serenely.

If I have at heart to teach you hatha yogaI am the first one to marvel at the benefits it brings! To be kind to oneself, to listen to oneself rightly, to take care of one's body, to treat with gentleness certain daily ills, to breathe at last!

When a few clouds obscure my thoughts, the fullness comes on the mat because the practice of yoga is above all a moment where we press the pause button in order to be just there, in the present moment.


Private yoga classes

From 1 to 4 people maximum for this "private" and individualized format.

Yoga classes in companies

A practice accessible to all to better tame body and mind.
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Yoga video programs (coming soon)

A thematic approach to yoga to take care of yourself.

From you to me... there is the Yoga

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Free your shoulders

Hours spent in front of a computer, behind a steering wheel or with your head bent over a smartphone leave their mark on your upper back.

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Freeing the yogi in you!

Whether it is in a yoga class private or collectiveI will open the doors of yoga for you by accompanying you simple and benevolent.
This openness is by nature non-judgmental. Whatever your age, your physical shape, your level, your flexibility...

Practicing Hatha Yoga
Private yoga lessons

Private and group yoga classes

Certified yoga teacher Yoga Alliance 500 RYT

Yoga teacher
certified yoga Alliance 500 RYT

Yoga classes in Lille Metropole

Wasquehal, Croix, Neuville-en-Ferrain, Halluin, Tourcoing, Mouvaux, La Madeleine, Roncq, Bondues, Linselles, Wervicq, Bousbecque, Comines, Marcq-en-Baroeul. For courses in another city of the Lille metropolis, contact me.
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Thank you my yogi students

For this beautiful gratitude ♡♡♡