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' Freeing the yogi that lies dormant in you! '

Certified Yoga Teacher

From the release of the mind...

Visualize the stereotype of the girl who decides to change her life at 45 and you'll know who I am! After 20 years in the marketing/web industry with great colleagues, cool bosses and missions with the right title, I just decided to put my wheelchair away.

And because I don't do things by halves, I also sold the house, the car, my hair straightener...and cleaned all my pots and pans.
In just a few months and a daily yoga practice, I went from being in a fidgety mode to a whole new serenity.

Yoga teacher

...At the transformation

Then, with Sébastien, my husband (the website is him ;-), we went on a trip in a motor home renovated with our little hands. What a beautiful and precious moment of life!

This is exactly where the transformation began. A little inner voice brought me to Carmen from Yoga Skyros Academy. Beyond the fact that Carmen accompanied me to the Hatha Yoga 500RYT diploma, certified by the Yoga Alliance, my beautiful master yogi transmitted to me all the keys to transformation. This led me to an understanding of the subtle mechanisms of the body and mind.

In other words, what is not expressed, is printed. At 45, you have the body and the mind that you made for yourself. Today, transformed, I have at heart to liberate the yogi who sleeps in you.

Freeing the yogi
in you!


Whether in private or group classes, I will open the doors of yoga to you through simple and caring guidance. This OPENING is by nature without judgment. Whatever your age, your physical shape, your level of flexibility... Respect for others in their differences is not an effort, it is a state of mind that drives me every day.


Stay TRUE is also very important to me. It is with authenticity, sincerity and naturalness that I transmit the benefits of yoga. Forget the sequined leggings and the yoga star show mode! Together we just learn to breathe, to listen to our body and to put it in motion.


Each yoga practice is done with HUMILITY. By being aware of your limits, which may be different from the day before or the day after. The idea here is not to go beyond your limits, but just to move them.


However, the PERSONALIZATION in the realization of each posture is important. It is with wisdom and moderation that we apply ourselves to a better alignment in each session. Perhaps using a brick, or resting the knee on a blanket...little by little the posture comes to us.


Then the GRATITUDE is present. The full recognition of a relaxed and caring yoga practice. An initiation to the joy of yoga, quite simply!

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Private lessons in hatha yoga in Lille metropolis : 59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul, 59910 Bondues, 59126 Linselles, 59420 Mouvaux, 59170 Croix, 59290 Wasquehal, 59223 Roncq, 59250 Halluin, 59960 Neuville-en-Ferrain and surroundings