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Practicing yoga in nature

Practicing yoga in nature
Yoga in nature

Hatha Yoga outdoors

Enjoy the connection to the earth!

I don't know about you, but for me, practicing yoga outside is a shake-up!
Of course I'm a fan of nature, fresh air, the scent of flowers... But when it comes to an outdoor yoga session, it's quite a story.

Why? Because already, my carpet is sacred!
It's always clean, and regularly well aligned with the floorboards (you can't help it ;-). I also slow down because of the instability of the ground. Installing a carpet flat on grass or sand is a challenge.
And then, it should not be too hot, not too cold, not too windy, as little harmful noise as possible...And let's face it, I don't necessarily want to find a herd of people looking at me in Adho Mukha Svanasana, the dog upside down 😉

And yet! Isn't this a great opportunity to take advantage of nature's energy at 3000%? We all know that direct contact with nature releases hormones that bring serenity and well-being. The prana, vital energy in yoga, is undoubtedly present in the air. It is therefore ideal for the practice of pranayamas (breathing).

What about the connection to the earth? You know this notion of anchoring so often cited during a yoga session. Starting with the feet well anchored in Tadasana, the mountain. Let's remember here, if need be, that the very first chakra is Mulhadara, the root chakra which means the support of the foundation whose element is neither more nor less than the earth.

So yes! Let's take advantage of the beautiful days to get in touch with nature. Install your mat, early in the morning or at the end of the day in your garden, in a park, on the beach, on the edge of a lake.... And rather far from curious eyes.

For standing asanas, you can even take advantage of being barefoot. The connection to the earth will be all the more present. Take three deep cleansing breaths and the practice is yours!

See you on the carpet!


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