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Gomukhasana, the cow's head posture
Cow head posture

The cow's head posture

Towards self-knowledge

In many civilizations, the cow is a symbol of nourishing earth, abundance and fertility. 
GOMUKA is also the source of the Ganges, which symbolically and mythically represents the place where consciousness flows on Earth. It is therefore the source of consciousness and a space of personal knowledge.

In this posture, the yogi seeks to develop the generosity that is the source of abundance. With legs crossed and back straight, the final posture is to join hands behind the back - one arm bent at the elbow and pointing skywards, the other at the elbow and pointing downwards. The yogi's body thus forms an energetic loop reminiscent of infinity - 8.

Benefits :

  • Stretches hips, thighs, shoulders and triceps. 
  • Prevents sciatica problems.
  • Open the ribcage and straighten the back. 


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