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Practice less time but more often

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Live a little more in yoga

Live a little more in Yoga

Take every opportunity to breathe consciously and untie the body

Yogic philosophy prescribes a daily practice of several hours but it comes from a time when Instagram, Zoom and the Switch did not exist ­čśë

So how do we do it? 

As the Dalai Lama said so well, "When I am serene, I meditate one hour a day; when I am overworked, I meditate two hours a day.

Let's face it, to feel the benefits of yoga, you simply have to do it. 

So how do you create time for yoga practice in an overloaded life? The answer is: By differentiating between what feels good and what feels good! spend your evening on Netflix and you end up staying up late with your eyes glazed over. Sitting around all night watching shows is fun. But what would be nice is to set a goal: I watch one episode, then I stop. That's it, you've just saved at least 45 minutes!

With just half an hour of yoga a day, you will notice a huge difference in your life: a calmer mind, better mobility, a newfound flexibility....

See you on the carpet!


Private yoga lessons

Private lessons

From 1 to 4 people maximum for this "private" and individualized format.

Company courses

A practice accessible to all to better tame body and mind.

Video programs

A thematic approach to yoga to take care of yourself.