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Free your shoulders

Free your shoulders
Shoulder opening

Free your shoulders!

And get back to breathing deeply

Hours spent in front of a computer, behind a steering wheel or with your head bent over a smartphone leave their mark on your upper back. It's hunched over and the shoulders go forward. In addition to giving the impression of being withdrawn, overwhelmed by responsibilities, this can be the cause of neck pain.

The good news is that the shoulder is a very mobile joint. Thus, performing a few simple postures can greatly help straightening.

On a daily basis, there's nothing like taking the following reflex as soon as you think of it: Roll your shoulders backwards, while tightening your shoulder blades, on a deep breath.

To take it a step further, place your forearms on your lower back and grab an elbow in each hand. For a few breaths, your shoulders will be filled.

Many asanas practiced during a Hatha Yoga session also allow this opening of the shoulders. The arms in Gomukhasana, photo opposite, is a perfect example. If it seems complicated to you to hang the hands in the back, do not hesitate to take a scarf, a belt. The repetition of the movement will of course be your best ally!

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