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Improve lymphatic circulation

Viparita Karani
Viparita Karani

Improve lymphatic circulation

To end the feeling of heavy legs

There are many causes for the feeling of heaviness in the legs: sitting for a long time, walking, heat... but also relational tensions! Yes! Always this body-mind relationship 😉

Obviously, it is always advisable to consult a health professional who will be the only guarantor of a reliable diagnosis and recommendations of adapted care. However, yoga can help improve blood and lymphatic circulation while harmonizing a more peaceful mind.

Inversion postures, where the legs are above the heart, allow for more oxygen and blood to the brain and improve venous return. You don't have to balance on your head to do this! Just putting your legs against a wall (Viparita Karani) is beneficial. The candle posture (Sarvangasana in Sanskrit) is also a little more engaging.

Twisting or compressive postures such as Garudasana, the eagle posture, will help stimulate the flow of lymph by causing a new influx of blood and lymph when the posture is released.

The inversion/compression combination is a delight 🙂 Flat on your back with your arms by your sides, bring your legs up to 90 degrees and then cross your legs in Garudasana. Change the crossing of the legs after a few minutes.

Finally, slow and deep breathing, from the abdomen to the rib cage, will be a faithful companion to the circulation of body fluids. In hot weather, refreshing breaths such as Chandra bedhana or Sheetali should be preferred.

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