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6 tips for a morning yoga routine

Morning yoga routine
Morning meditation

Are we kicking in an open door?

Yes...So here are 6 tips to get into a morning yoga routine.

The golden rule for starting a yoga routine in the morning is to make it easy on yourself. Then to become aware of the benefits it brings. 
Very quickly, you will notice a more present vitality, a natural good mood, an anchoring necessary to the course of the day...

1 ) Installer son tapis la veille et préparer sa tenue ( Pratiquer en pyjama est aussi une bonne option 😉

2) Place the bar at the right height: 10 minutes to get startedIt's already very good!

3) Practice on an empty stomach for more comfort.

4) Take some deep breaths to begin with in order to set up your practice.

5) Continue with a awakening of the joints.

6) Vary the pleasures therefore the postures according to your needs, state of the day.

🤜 Give it a try and come give me your feedback in comments on Instagram:

Take care of yourself,

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